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We are at 39.İstanbul ..!

39. We are at Istanbul on 10-14 May 2016 date. Living room: Outdoor Stand No. 281 We look forward to our stand.

Avcala Youth Village project for the protection of ecological conditions and environment-friendly residential served the philosophy we are also taking part in this project because we believe that all the world and fulfill our responsibility towards nature and people served to more closely understand this type of life infrastructure.

  • Continually improve our technological production process because the quality of our products is our top priority and we strive to improve our products and solutions.
  • We support the interesting ideas that will move forward our company and our customers.
  • We see our customers as partners and listening to our customers to help them succeed and we support them.
  • We offer expert knowledge as well as practical and intelligent solutions.
  • Always trust, we act in the framework of respect and courtesy; We fulfill our promises.
  • We are committed to teamwork. We support the initiative and responsibility to achieve results.
  • For us it is more important than a rapid achievement of sustainable growth.
  • Our technology, while developing your products and applications as well as during the actual production process, our employees, our priority is our customers and health and safety.
  • We also attach importance to environmental protection.