in 1997, has been been identified natural building compressed panels we discovered the potential of the specifications. The SAP panel production and usage history is based on the middle of the past century; at that time, for the restoration of the destroyed houses in the war sap panels in the uk was used extensively. Today, in the uk there are prefabricated wood building thousands of sap made using ecological.

British company Stramit by on the basis of tried and tested technology used in today’s construction work meets the highest requirements of the parameters in order to produce a high-quality building product that we started developing modern technology.

in 1999, to produce this ecological and energy saving in Europe the ingredients first established the family company, Strawpanel company. After a successful 3 years still trying to improve our production quality and range of increasingly expanding the use of our products and solutions, and much more to attract the customers. Products in 2008 as the product structure of the Czech Construction Academy Gold Award and interviewed and in 2012 the Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce Czech Boss award.

our team consists of 20 members, from the reconstruction of the walls of the building pane, turn-key design and construction of your home needs is ready to help you. Carefully selected high-quality handle warm your home from the wall until the installation of the annual production capacity of 100,000 m2 structure Panel are the only one who can give quality guarantee.


1. Strawpanel Panel Building Material

Strawpanel panel available in all countries and in Europe.

2. Buildings

In all countries within the European Union, relevant, modern, low-energy, passive and zero plans and wooden buildings are building design,.

3. Production Facilities Expansion

SAP is the world’s leader in the modern technology in the field of panel production we’re moving towards becoming.


100% of our clients modern, natural, energy-saving and low-cost building materials and their use by using clever solutions for quality.

Are full turnkey homes wall partitions, or “do it yourself” home delivery.

  • Quality and continuous improvement

Priority is the quality of our products continuously to improve our technological production processes and strive to improve our products and solutions. Our company and our customers we support interesting ideas that will carry forward.

  • Focus On The Customer

We consider our customers as our partners and our customers, listening to them and to help make them successful support. In addition to expert knowledge, we offer practical and intelligent solutions. Always we act within the framework of the trust, respect and courtesy. If we fulfill.

  • We Are A Team

We give importance to team work. We support the initiative and responsibility for achieving results.

  • Sustainable Development

Sustainable growth for us are more important than a quick success. Our technology, our products and developing your applications and also true during the manufacturing process, our priority is the safety and health of our employees and our customers. At the same time we give importance to environmental protection.


In line with the evolving technology and Ecopanel, vision products followed in the upper level, customer expectations; sale, implementation and post-implementation services in our sense of trust.

  • Our quality management system ISO 9001 standard is documented in such a way that the requirements, certification and continuous improvement.
  • By targeting the idea of total quality, team spirit, along with the company and unit objectives.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement philosophy of adoption on behalf of the needs.
  • Application, management and marketing activities, while maintaining the ethical values and the realization of any activity environmental attention.
  • Our clients trust us to act in accordance with the brand and that it is a privilege to work with Ecopanel hissettirilmesi
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