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al protection. Strawpanel Panel is quite simple and highly effective work. However, the appropriate links and eco Panel modified by the presence of our recommended procedure until the final monitoring of the surface coating is important.
Strawpanel panel system using the connection setup procedures while construction materials, tools and extensive information about training course is provided in our application.

  • Cutting

Using a circular saw blade or motor saws Strawpanel panels can be easily adjusted to the desired size and shape. Strawpanel 250 mm in diameter, to shorten the Panel 32 Widia blade circular saws with different tooth, we suggest you use – it is recommended that you know (we can supply you the knife you need – only the diameter of the knife you need, just let us).

  • Inserts set

Diameter 100 mm we obtain all the ends of the tape adhesive tape cutting. Longitudinal section of the cardboard Strip and overlapped a couple cartons of Facia mounted, transverse cross section in place.

  • Slotting

Strawpanel panels can be opened all tall grooves. 45 ° angle of circular saw by using the Groove. The direction of the Panel, Groove length should not exceed 30 cm.

  • Electrical wiring for cuts

72 cm diameter holes using a special motor for sawing holes for electrical installation boxes open; This saw is available from our company. 72 mm hole, shallow walls (KI 68 L/1 or 2 or 3 type) for universal box is suitable to wear. If you need more than one box, one after the other, by wearing the normal bed boxes plaster the classic setup, you can use the method. This meets the standards of electrical wiring in the Strawpanel panel.

  • Screw-in

Electric screw driver or screwdriver tip mounted screw the screws by using a drill. Previously puncture! While mounted on a wooden structure EP-P1 mm² 5 × 100 mm screws. Yırtmaması three-tier transaction inserting a torque suitable for recycled carton. UNI wall clamp to squeeze the 4 x 50 mm screws.

Connection Material

  • UNI wall keneti

Simple, but “smart” universal wall keneti; usually used in the setup of the wall partitions. In addition, the establishment of and between each other Strawpanel panels available can also be used to connect to the wall. So clamps were flat for the purpose and use as bendable.

  • SP100 self-adhesive tape

Strawpanel panel of our product range to close the private, self adhesive tape.

  • EP 4 x 50 mm screws

Our product range is located in the normal working of the wood screw. This screw-type clamps used only wall Strawpanel panel is for links to.

  • EP 5 * 100 mm screw

Our product range is located in the normal working of the wood screw. This is Strawpanel, a structure of the panels (lower ceiling, coating, etc.) is used during installation.

  • EP-P1 washers

Strawpanel panels are wooden structure (lower ceiling, coating, etc.) for mounting onto the 5 × 100 mm is used in conjunction with the screw.

Other Building Accessories

  • Assembly foam (Polyurethane foam)

Strawpanel to fill the seams between panels to separate LOW foam is used. In our product range you can find.

  • SP100 self-adhesive cardboard

All cutting edges must be carefully bantlanması. To this end we provide the strips.

  • Recycled plastic block

This is the external environment is a profile designed to overlay. In our product range.

Installation tools and Helpers

  • Battery-powered tool for swage nut

Battery-operated nut clamping tools, Strawpanel during the installation of the panels. This practical tool used by many masters as standard.

  • Manual circular saw (“mafl”)

Strawpanel panels are an important help for this tool can be used in transverse and longitudinal. Price list specified, specially modified we recommend purchasing a disc (Pro modified, we use high-quality saw blades have teeth).

  • Motor saws

The final cuts we use standard for motor saws. Our product range also saw the tried and tested types of obtain a PROPOSAL.

  • Strawpanel Panel transport hook

If you are going to carry any Strawpanel Panel from this utility by making it easy to move the hardware panel will work will accelerate.

  • Strawpanel Panel lifting Jack

A simple but effective tool that is easy to get to the level of the lower ceiling Jack. This removal Jack prepared grilled, Strawpanel, made from easily and effortlessly lower ceiling panel allows you to wear. For the Setup process, it is also possible to rent lifting jack.

Partition walls

  • Alignment

Doorways, including floor, wall or on the ceiling mark the position of the pane to your firewall.

  • Basic and preparatory

All partition walls connected by a wooden beam onto a base panel must be placed upon.

  • Setup

The first option for the construction of the wall partitions, UNI clamps clamps for this wall wall used wood beam, the wall and the ceiling all the way. Then the Strawpanel Panel and connects to the dock. Other Strawpanel panels in the same way.

The second option for construction of partition walls EP 5x100mm bolt. Strawpanel Panel, two screws in the marked field and using cross-format wooden beam, connects to the wall and floor. Other Strawpanel panels in the same way.

Stitches, compressed insulation strips can be filled out by using mounting foam or LOW.

In the process of converting isolation room roof

Mineral fiber composed of breathable materials are used; These materials support structure is placed. The thickness of the insulating layer structure should be chosen according to the desired overall thermal durability.

  • Preparation and Setup

Strawpanel a horizontal or sloped ceiling panel, it is important that the following procedure. Make sure that the floor is flat; that is correct by using wooden 800 mm grid.

  • Strawpanel panels are wooden insert parallel to the grid format.
  • EP-PI use 5x100mm screw washer EP,
  • The maximum recommended number of screws per m2 at a distance specified use,
  • Surface coating make sure of good quality.

Support structure of the coating

Strawpanel panels can be used in the baths of wood support structure. Strawpanel while building a family house panels to these structures as shown below:

  • prerequisite: must be installed in the base support structure for Panel dividing wall,
  • Strawpanel Panel on one side and EP-P1 washer EP 5x100mm bolt support structure by using connect,
  • on the other side of the building thermal insulation thickness between feet,
  • Attach the other side panel and EP Strawpanel-P1 washer EP 5x100mm bolt support structure by using connect,

  • Houses and other buildings

Strawpanel panel on the inside of a standard of wall thickness of thermal insulation, the first containing the desired foreign Strawpanel panel layer Strawpanel panel mounting the second consisting of durable insulation layer, and the third consists of a layer of Strawpanel Panel. At least 140 mm insulation a House this sandwich with low-energy requirements.

Strawpanel panels, there is no limit when it comes to surface coatings.

But must be careful in the selection of the surface coating. You must start with the selection of the appropriate preparation. If you select a manufacturer other than our they recommend, they preferred to carefully read all the information contained in the preparation or private consulting, contact the manufacturer directly to acquire. Recommended coating systems, you can select the appropriate equivalent systems.

  • Paints

To prepare a precise format, namely the surface panels were reinforced at the seams between the (fill) and the closure of the screw on the surface of the Panel Strawpanel although require fairly simple and commonly used as a surface coating.

  • The thin inner layer of plaster

The standard and most common surface coating. Strawpanel have been penetrating the surface of the Panel and the Panel prepared seam between each Strawpanel fiberglass network (net) that contains the flexible, adhesive and reinforced layer is applied. Plaster can be applied directly to that surface, coating etc. By using the contact details provided by phone or via email, you can get more information by contacting us.

  • The thin outer layer of plaster

The outer surface is properly preparing the surface coating of priority, quality of work, and in particular the performance of the material. For example, our system for recommend the Jubizol Diffu Exteriér system.

  • Plating

To the base layer of the overlay contains adhesive and reinforced fiberglass network (Tulle) we apply a thin layer to penetration.

  • Wallpapers

Preparation of the surface and, of course, the seams for penetration.

  • Spray coatings

As in the case of wall paper, only the plaster sealing fiberboards your application and network using Strawpanel is closing the seams between the panels. After that, the process varies according to the type of spray coating.

  • Clay plasters

Clay plasters are gaining more and more popularity among our customers. This is our recommended manufacturer’s instructions for surface coating.

  • Gypsum Panel coating

This is another method in the Strawpanel panel is modified. Plasterboard drywall screws, using the normal Strawpanel of the Panel can be installed in a fixed format to sap.

  • Whacked coating

This surface is also quite simple. Just prepare a suitable grid connection to each Panel.