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What Strawpanel panel and available?

Generally produced using the handle and binding agent in Egypt or chemical additives containing Strawpanel extruded at high temperature and under high pressure the panels.  Strawpanel panels; coating of wooden structures, reconstruction of old buildings roof conversions, etc. is a structural element used in construction in studies. Eco-panels by using the turn-key to build a house or to make a “do it yourself” wooden building is suitable for everyone in the truest sense of the word. Strawpanel panels, maximum 22.5 m height can be used to cover all build types. Strawpanel panels are 100% recyclable and ecological is fire-resistant; It features excellent sound damping, robust, durable and mechanically resistant and finally very good heat storage and provides good insulation. These panels, are natural materials open to diffusion.

Can Straw panel side panel? Ultimately, it made from corn stalks!

Fireproof! Strawpanel Panel is pressed under high pressure and sap, quite so contains very little amount of air for burning fire. This is similar to working to burn in the phone book; without our help.

Is it a mouse or other rodent can eat the Strawpanel panel?

Strawpanel panel when pressed during production in the construction of high pressure produced been identified dropped vessels separated. Strawpanel sap content of the Panel three times built into recycled paper. Strawpanel panel is penetrating the surface and after the last Polish is applied; This also does not attract the attention of rodents.

Strawpanel how overcomes the humidity?

Strawpanel Panel preslendikten, the Interior of the air moisture absorbing micro-holes. Panel, Strawpanel Panel surrounding temperature conditions until it holds the moisture. Then Strawpanel the air in the room moisture out and the Panel hydrates.

What is the lifespan of a house made with Strawpanel panels?

Panel for creating targeted dates back 100 years life of the dry stalks. This 1942 to 1960 economic prefabricated houses in England in order to build the first panel has been proven with experience. These houses are now 70 years old and serves the purposes of correctly. Also, in 1936 in Prague’s Lucerna has pane is used on the walls of the sap proves it. This is a recent reconstruction work much the same quality.

Is it complicated to set up Strawpanel panels? Can I make my own?

Strawpanel is not a complex operation to set up the Panel. Although the necessity of basic technological procedures monitoring is a panel system. Therefore, our company offers a training every month and this tutorial is all kinds of information and participants needs “certificate” is given. In addition, our company offers technical advice as standard. If that appeals, feel free to contact us.