Priority is the quality of our products continuously to improve our technological production processes and strive to improve our products and solutions. Our company and our customers we support interesting ideas that will carry forward. We consider our customers as our partners and our customers, listening to them and to help make them successful support. In addition to expert knowledge, we offer practical and intelligent solutions.

Always trust, we act within the framework of respect and courtesy; If we fulfill. We give importance to team work. We support the initiative and responsibility for achieving results. Sustainable growth for us are more important than a quick success. Our technology, our products and developing your applications and also true during the manufacturing process, our priority is the safety and health of our employees and our customers. At the same time we give importance to environment

Partitions of a truly turnkey home-made or DIY (Do It Yourself) applications

Our company offers a wide range of services and products in the construction industry Strawpanel. unique know-how on how to use the materials we self-produced (technical information) offer. The material from the design stage to production, preparatory work and actual turnkey prefabricated house, we got everything from the building. DIY ecological prefabricated houses according to your preference may also allow you to build your own home.

Our offer to you

  • construction materials production and sale of eco-panels 60, 40 eco-panels
  • bonding material for sale,
  • installation accessories the rental option
  • shipping;
  • design work: the documentation on building reporting or get permission building,
  • preparation and construction of buildings,
  • home construction: low-energy wooden buildings, turnkey house, DIY house,
  • consulting services (system solutions and installation)
  • installation training of Strawpanel plate.