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What Straw Panel sheets?

Straw ecological panel sheets are light diffusion plate structure. Without a binder under a high temperature and high pressure is obtained from compressed and glued cornstalk recyclable adhesive. Strawpanel plates 100% natural fit to become a permanent part of the building, completely recyclable, they are solid and the diffusion of light construction materials.

The advantages of the plate Strawpanel

Thermal insulation and high heat storage thanks to low operating costs
quick and easy installation
100% ecological
sound insulation
mechanically resistant
turnkey construction of all the wooden buildings used for housing or DIY.

Low investment and operating costs

Low-energy, passive and the main reason for the increased interest in the zero energy houses are lower operating costs. Universal construction materials we will have a reasonable price due to the low cost of the building Strawpanel sheet material and means that you can easily and quickly built. All accuracy making them and also does not compromise on quality.

Healthy and modern housing

Today, the most important need of creating a healthy environment for users of modern housing and also the use of natural materials that are environmentally friendly. Diffusion of light construction materials to prevent moisture and hence the formation of mold in the building allowing the passage of water easily evaporates. These features provide benefits in terms of passive micro-climate to live in the house.

Wide diversity of use

Strawpanel sheets new buildings, reconstruction, and is suitable to convert the expansion chamber and attics. This universal panel system is self-supporting partition walls, ceilings, substrates used in the construction of interior and exterior wall coverings. Strawpanel boards are used as insulation and sound insulation in attics in beams above the floor. Panel system of prefabricated wooden buildings to be built quickly and easily installed in all building construction while the plates ensures that accurate and high quality.
Heating to save the event and quickly build a wooden building, and if you want to live in a healthy environment are the ideal solution for you Strawpanel PLATE.


Strong, rigid and long-lasting

Another advantage of Straw Panel plate is particularly high mechanical strength according to the gypsum panel. This product is ideal while performing self-supporting partition walls for low energy for home construction also makes the perfect solution. Strawpanel plates can be ordered at the required length and easy operation and installation; Partitions can be planted in just a few minutes. The support structure must be built before partition walls with gypsum and OSB panels. Turning to B the strength and stiffness of Strawpanel plates attics or fences, such as used in other construction work.
Interesting information: 30J drilling necessary force to pierce a normal interior door. Strawpanel plates are resistant to impact without breaking 180J’lik (EN 596).
Thick core, kitchen cabinets, radiators, horizontal distribution installations, handrails, handles and so on. It means that the actual panels fixed and eco panels of various objects. The larger the diameter of the screw you use, you need to remove so great a force. plasterboard thickness of 12.5 mm for comparison can carry up to 50 kg; Depending on the type of gypsum panels are only carries up to 23-27 kg. The Strawpanel plate can carry up to 75 kg screw 5 × 100 mm. Another major advantage compared to these materials, including stone slab in the Strawpanel is no need to drill or screw to secure the wall plug.
Interesting fact: In the lower surface of the ceiling panels Strawpanel can carry up to 75 kg screw 5 × 100 mm.


Excellent thermal insulation properties, heat storage and the compact compressed straw slabs Strawpanel to have above-average heat insulation provides both thermal storage. Strawpanel buildings made of sheets saves on heating costs that have to deal better with the rapid changes in temperature. Amplitude temperature Strawpanel plate has a 11.8 hour delay, as this delay works to heat the building. Write wooden building in the morning “cools” and this is kept cold until the evening. On the other hand wooden buildings in the winter daytime heating warms up and the temperature is maintained in the heating is turned off in the evening until morning. So habitable attics to create rational use Strawpanel plate. Because lofts summer heat can cause balance problems. OSB boards and gypsum panels does not have the heat storage capability.
Strawpanel sheets thanks to the insulating properties of wood in building infrastructure, thermal bridges caused by the seam or discontinuous insulating layer helps to spread.
With fibrous materials made from wire mesh structure of the mesh has a low thermal conductivity and pass water vapor. When the humidity level rises one of the advantages of Strawpanel plate that excess moisture trapped inside the porous structure absorbs moisture when the humidity drops again is spreading around. This mechanism of micro-climates, especially in the winter damp interiors that have a positive effect.
Not only Strawpanel slab buildings in the interior climate of the building of a positive impact in terms of heat balance at the same time protecting the health of people living here would contribute significantly to the creation of healthy interiors. This makes it ideal Strawpanel plates in low energy or passive wooden building housing construction. 150m² area set monthly electric heating costs in a private bungalow-type buildings covering ranges from 800 to 1,000 CZK. It consumed the entire wooden building is the energy charge to t! However, applications that you can make the best use of the storage capacity of the thermal insulation and low-energy and passive Strawpanel plate is not limited to housing. eco panel by applying an existing structure (eg. panels), you can further reduce the heating costs of a wooden building.


Excellent sound insulation properties
Mesh based materials generally have good sound insulation properties. This one in particular has high acoustic absorption provides airborne sound insulation. These features and the nature of the particular type of material used depends on the bulk density. Acoustic features are well preserved in Strawpanel plate and so according to plasterboard or OSB boards offer more acoustic damping. For example, a simple echo chamber made of uncoated surface of the sound insulation wall panels is 33db. Comparative town or village in a residential area in terms of the normal street noise is around 60dB; The recommended level is 25-30db to sleep. the ambient noise has a negative effect on the heart and circulatory system. a simple partition walls made of boards, especially Strawpanel stop the noise.
Strawpanel attention surrounding sound insulation properties of the sheet meets the highest requirements set for the homes come distributes noise and thus create spaces with maximum privacy.
Fire resistance
Strawpanel sheet are made of compressed wire mesh provides only a minimal amount of air to facilitate combustion kernel. Ignite Strawpanel plate before burning during the fire only to be halted by the mesh core. This fire retardant effect is a major advantage. Strawpanel plate flammable vapor does not contain chemicals that facilitate revealing and burning. Timber Research and Development Institute Strawpanel plates were classified under category E in terms of reaction to fire.
The Strawpanel plates recommended to the perimeter wall of prefabricated houses implementation meet this requirement. Strawpanel slabs consist of two layer so that wiring is passed through a layer does not need to deterioration of the other layers. no need to increase the safety for the electrical installation in Strawpanel plate; Electric cables, does not require double protection; only building electrical installations in wooden boxes must be fire resistant.
Ecology and environmental protection
Eco panel core is obtained at high temperatures and under high pressure without the use of compressed straw or paint binder and fully adhered to recycled plasterboard. The adhesive complies with the most stringent hygiene standards and are applied as a thin layer. When the building is not required any paper wicker and are easy to recycle organic materials. Strawpanel sheet are classified as ecological products. Strawpanel sheets cut to the required length is supplied to the customer; thereby minimizing waste and saving money.
Other construction materials (brick, porous concrete, OB plates, ….) Is more difficult than the production of the manufacturing stage Strawpanel plate; Chemicals and toxic waste must generally occur. The resulting negative values ​​are in terms of carbon dioxide straw as many natural materials. This means that more CO2 is not produced at the production stage, or harvest them directly while growing up, etc. It is stored in the material. So it is natural materials and clay built with isolated Strawpanel plate with the terms of ecological houses doubt still part of the current trend towards maximum benefit from natural materials in buildings and beautiful more consequential and interests of a healthy environment.
Interesting fact: 1 m² eco panel energy required for production is approximately 2,5kw .. For comparison, overall consumption of an average household furnace and water heater 2kW consumption is around kW 2.2 kW.


Straw panel sheets self-supporting partition walls, installation of sub-surface ceilings and all kinds of wooden buildings (low energy houses, passive, zero-energy and active houses etc.) Is designed for coating. using high quality natural ingredients available anywhere you need to build a fast and easy way. used as the insulation slabs together or struts.
Surface coatings


Strawpanel plates coated surface is not subject to any restrictions. Gypsum panels and OSB Unlike paint, tiles, wallpaper coating, casting, thin layer of clay and gypsum application, wood paneling and a lot more on the process lets you apply standard surface finishes. Used lime plaster in the interior. Suitable for modern silica or silicon plaster building facades; permeability that is moisture-proof and thus protected from impact your wooden building.
However, care must be taken to the surface coating. You should begin by selecting the appropriate preparations. If you make a choice other than the manufacturer’s recommendation, carefully read the available information, contact the manufacturer directly, or as the ideal preparation for the expert advisor. equivalent to the surface coating system itself will choose a suitable product we recommend. We of course also offer surface coatings besides Strawpanel plates we supply for prefabricated houses. Select all materials and so you are freed from transport difficulties.


Partitions are one of the most common forms of use of Strawpanel plate in the reconstruction of a house. Mesh levhanınyüksek structure does not need to build support for the partition wall thanks to the mechanical resistance and strength. Thus, you’ll save up to 15% of material costs. Strawpanel cut length plates can be ordered as needed, so it would be much less than during cutting and trimming. extremely simple with a system from the partition wall construction with Strawpanel plate for fixing and assembly is particularly easy and extremely fast.
For more acoustic absorption double partition walls, electrical wiring and easier to lay HVAC distribution system, and we recommend to install a partition wall is easier to attach the door frame.


You do not need double protection for electrical cables with Strawpanel plate. sound insulation of walls, double-pane uncoated surface 45db2; This Ytong Theta 50 cm thick made of porous concrete is equivalent to a wall. Partition walls made from Strawpanel plate method using dry easily unlike brick partitions (DIY) and are constructed quickly.
Sub-surface ceilings and attics converted into rooms


Another common use of Strawpanel plate bottom surface is sloped ceilings and attics of new buildings. Links and beam construction and is over 800 mm axial distance if Strawpanel plane plate can be installed directly on top of them. If not, a leveling grille insert can be prepared by attaching the required speed on base beams. We recommend that you use most Strawpanel plate using 800 mm wide panels to move more easily when a bottom surface of the ceiling.


Heat storage is the main feature that makes Strawpanel plates suitable for use in roof spaces. Write rooms retain the coolness of night until the evening. On the other hand the winter heat is stored in the room throughout the day and this temperature is maintained until the morning. This mechanism keeps the temperature in your attic without a significant change in balance. OSB boards and gypsum panels does not have the storage feature.
Strawpanel sheets thanks to the insulating properties of wood in building infrastructure, thermal bridges caused by the seam or discontinuous insulating layer helps spread completely. Gypsum panels also provide thermal insulation and is virtually fixed to a metal complex structure; An error results easily leaks or heat loss may occur. Another disadvantage of using gypsum board room translated into lofts dust generated when attaching them to be closed to the diffusion of the structure as a whole and therefore the indoor climate and the negative effects on the health of building occupants.
The floor plates made from Strawpanel has many advantages compared to traditional concrete slabs. First tiled walk-on is not installed, you do not need anything else. This is also the case when placed on the ceiling beams Strawpanel plates. The curing of the concrete floor is very heavy and it takes longer as a whole. It is difficult also to lay a concrete floor. Strawpanel plate and is easy to work with and can be installed without the use of tools by using Strawpanel floor slab is faster and easier to do. Although supply is cut to the required length of Strawpanel plate so that we make sure you save money by minimizing the amount of waste. Soil is important to consider the burden will be placed upon laying (bending). In case of high local load (eg. piano, exercise equipment, …), the forces should be distributed equally.
A perimeter wall construction
Strawpanel especially in house building sheets used to form the sandwich wall construction. Strawpanel plates are suitable for low-energy and passive family houses and buildings made of wood. Strawpanel plate made from a standard wall plate having a first outer layer consisting of the required thickness of thermal insulation, a second layer of rigid insulation board occurs Strawpanel installation space and the third sheet layer. sandwich with low-energy insulation of at least 140 mm open to meet the needs of home and diffusion.
The ease of installation and connection easy Strawpanel slab construction system guarantees the construction of fences and especially quickly. Although supply is cut to the required length of Strawpanel plate so that we make sure you save money by minimizing the amount of waste. The surface area of ​​about 3 square meters Strawpanel sheet coating designed to wear only takes a few minutes.
Another advantage of this type of wall construction is the thermal insulation of Strawpanel plate. So Strawpanel sheets of wood in building infrastructure, the seam or discontinuous layer of insulation helps to spread caused by thermal bridges. This practice of providing thermal insulation and you can not expect to easily make a mistake that could cause leaks or heat loss from the panels of gypsum and the gypsum board. Environment With storage feature of Strawpanel sheets used in summer temperature is kept within the walls of the building and saves on heating costs in the winter.
With fibrous materials made from wire mesh structure of the mesh is permeable to water vapor. Seamlessly used in buildings open to diffusion. When they imprison Strawpanel sheets humidity level rises when the humidity by absorbing excess moisture inside the porous structure fell again this moisture spreads around. When this mechanism reduces moisture in the micro-climate, especially in winter heating buildings in humid interior it has a positive effect.

Technical Parameters


We produce Strawpanel plate with two thickness options: 40 and 60 mm.

Strawpanel plates can prepare the desired length from 1200 to 3200 mm.

You did not find something that interests you? Please contact us. We are happy to give you information.

60 eco-panels

Dimensions: thickness
widths of the
length 58 (tolerance of + 2mm)
1200, 800
1200 – 3200 mm
The average area density of 22 kg / m
The average bulk density was 379 kg / m³
thermal conductivity coefficient: λ 0,099 W / (m.K) ČSN EN 13986,
EN 12664, EN 10456
3.09 * 10¹ ° diffusion resistance m / s
diffusion resistance coefficient: μ 9.7 ČSN EN 13986, EN ISO 12572 B
(23 ° C, 0/85% RH)
Heat transfer coefficient: 1.13 W / (m².K)
heat resistance coefficient: 0.5882 m².K R / W
Fire response: category E ČSN EN 13986, EN 13501-1

40 eco-panels

Dimensions: thickness
widths of the
length 38 (tolerance +2 mm)
1200 – 3200 mm
The average area density of 16 kg / m
The average bulk density was 379 kg / m³
thermal conductivity coefficient: λ 0,099 W / (m.K) ČSN EN 13986, EN 12664,
EN 10456
diffusion resistance coefficient: 0.3838 m².K R / W
Fire response: category E ČSN EN 13986, EN 13501-1


E1 acoustic damping partition wall: 33 dB


simple partition walls EI 30 D3
the lower surface of the ceiling 45 min (EI 45 D3)
REI wooden support structure 45 via eco paneling
Surface heat flow density spread rate of 1.0 up to 6 kW / m² of interests.

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