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System Solutions Uses of Straw Panel Sheet

Straw panel boards are designed for all kinds of wooden building (low-energy, passive and active houses zero).
Strawpanel plate system solution especially for the desired quality and functionality of the building must be used correctly.
Sandwich wall structure in home construction
Fixed to the base plate made of 140/160 mm profile in CVD beam timber frame wall structure should support.
Standard EKO3 ekopanely fences with the first layer of thermal insulation boards between the legs of the structure and the fiber plate installed a second hard Strawpanel plate layer consists of a sheet installation space and the third layer.
sandwich with low-energy insulation of at least 140 mm open to meet the needs of home and diffusion. No. 23/2008 of 45 minutes fire resistance meets the requirements specified in the Decree for the ground floor.
The ease of installation and connection easy Strawpanel slab construction system guarantees the construction of fences and especially quickly.
Another advantage of this type of wall construction is the thermal insulation of Strawpanel plate. So Strawpanel sheets of wood in building infrastructure, the seam or discontinuous layer of insulation helps to spread caused by thermal bridges. Environment With storage feature of Strawpanel sheets used in summer temperature is kept within the walls of the building and saves on heating costs in the winter.
Systemic solution for Pane
Mesh panels high mechanical resistance and to build support structures for partition walls you can save up to 15% thanks to the strength of the gerekmez.böyle material costs. Strawpanel sheet structure in accordance with the size of the desired length (height) may be ordered as cut.

So you do not need to cut or shorten the material. All this is extremely simple eco panel met with our connection and fastening system to build partition walls inside the house or make simple wooden buildings and especially fast.
Strawpanel boards can be supplied until the length 3200 mm. Partitions can be built as a DIY project; We can give you information.
E1 partitions
E1 partition wall is a permanent installation for the purpose of supporting non-self-supporting surface coating simple partition walls in buildings. 60 mm This partition wall consists of layers of two Strawpanel sheets and all light boxes, coat hangers or under stairs space, bathroom (toilets, shower separation) to separate or in the kitchen (a wall to extend the range kitchen) is suitable for use.
E2 partitions
E2 partitions without supporting objective for permanent installation in building self-supporting surface coating has two partitions. This partition wall thickness of 120 mm is composed of two layers Strawpanel plate. Electrical installation is suitable for flooring or HVAC distribution system is not required. Sound insulation to be used in place less needed (closet, pantry, cloakroom, stairs six places).
E2 II partition wall
E2 II partition walls without a supporting objective for permanent installation in building self-supporting surface coating has two partitions. This partition wall thickness of two layers in total of 145mm and a total thickness of 145 mm which Strawpanel plate installation space consists of a grid of wood. Electrical installation is suitable for flooring or HVAC distribution system is required (depending on the extent of forwarding required installation space). The partition walls used to divide any room in the house (hallway, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, …).
E2 dividing wall
E2E partition walls without a supporting objective for permanent installation in building self-supporting surface coating is a dual acoustic chamber wall. This partition wall twice Strawpanel plate, starting from mm 120 + x (x mm thickness of the grid is installed sound insulation) it consists of a wooden grill and sound insulation. More sound insulation where needed (bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, …) is suitable for use. necessary electrical installations and HVAC distribution systems can be installed in the partition wall E2.
E2 N partitions
E2 is an uncoated surface of N partitions for strengthening and supporting structure for interior partition walls binary support for permanent installation in buildings. This partition wall profile of 140/160 mm (according to the structural calculations) support structure made from beams CVD, thermal insulation, and on both sides of the outer cover plate Strawpanel occurs. The total thickness of the inner support wall is 240mm. This partition wall to transfer the basic structure of the roof load, the second floor is used for lining the ceiling beams and reinforced buildings.
translated into attics and floors of rooms pitched roofs in new buildings
This is a house or a simple wooden surface coating for permanent installation in the building interior ceiling beams and sloping plating tool.
Home links and beam construction and is over 800 mm axial distance if Strawpanel plane plate can be installed directly on top of them. If not, insert a leveling grid on installing the necessary base beams can be made to quickly Strawpanel plate application.
Heat storage Strawpanel sheets are the main advantages that make it ideal for sub-surface ceilings in loft spaces.
Write rooms retain the coolness of night until the evening. On the other hand the winter heat is stored in the room throughout the day and this temperature is maintained until the morning. This mechanism keeps the temperature in your attic without a significant change in balance.
Attic rooms in the construction of the house
storage potential Mesh panels used in winter and summer and help reduce heating costs and prevent overheating of the roof of the attic rooms.
Amplitude temperature Strawpanel plate has a 11.8 hour delay, as this delay works to heat the building. Therefore summer home in the morning “cools” and remain cool until the evening. On the other hand due to heating the house in winter storage temperature and the temperature is maintained even in the morning until the evening the heating is turned off.
Strawpanel insulation properties of the plate structure helps to spread the heat bridges.
Floor construction
Dry ground made with Strawpanel plate and can be walked on immediately after being installed, you do not need another operation (once the face paper and the need to place something similar on Strawpanel chipboard panels to avoid damage). This is also the case when placed on the ceiling beams Strawpanel plates.
The weight of this ground by any wet option (concrete, water) is much less.
Strawpanel plate and is easy to work with and can be installed without the use of tools by using Strawpanel sheet flooring is quick and easy to make.
Eco panels minimizes the amount of waste by offering the option of ordering a cut to the desired length, and we are accelerating the construction process while saving you money. Soil is important to consider the burden will be placed upon laying (bending).
In case of high local load (eg. piano, exercise equipment, …), the forces should be distributed equally. Mesh-based materials has a good sound insulation properties offer excellent impact sound insulation.
coatings for wood support structure of prefabricated wooden buildings
This is the most common use of Strawpanel plate. one side before the structure is covered with heat insulation plates and then attached Strawpanel prefabricated building wall and then coated on the other side.
Strawpanel sheets have excellent storage capacity that is utilized when applying the inner lining. The isolation structure finer mesh panel provides a layer of insulation installed will save money.
Beam insulation
The main advantage of using Strawpanel sheet while preserving their rooftop venues to changes in temperature (especially in the summer to avoid overheating) is to maintain a comfortable temperature in your attic. Beam insulation prevents processing structure sunlight.
Strawpanel beam used as insulation boards are laid on the roof support structure adjacent to each other, thus minimizing thermal bridges.
In the appropriate thickness using thermal insulation and roof insulation beams, this solution can also be used for the beams in order to create an interesting architectural feature.